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Pewdie/Felix' POV

My eyes snapped open when I heard a painful scream coming from downstairs. I jumped out of the bed and sprinted down the stairs. It was dark and my eyes didn't adapt to it. I searched the light switch, but couldn't find it. Then I heard a noise coming out of the living room. I ran to the living room only to find Cry sleeping on the couch and the TV on.
I thought the screams probably came from the TV therefore I turned it off. But I still heard something. Ryan was lying on couch, his mask still on but his body was stiff and he whimpered. I stepped closer to him and then I saw his hands were balled into fists and he was clenching his teeth.
I stepped even closer to hear what he murmured: "N-No!...Not him...p-please...take me...but...n-not him!" I didn't know what he was dreaming but it didn't sound good. I softly said: "Cry? You okay? Wake up." I shook his shoulder when all of sudden he snapped up his eyelids and almost hit me with his balled fist. I fell to the ground of shock.
He looked at me, then at his fists. He turned away from me quickly and was now trembling all over. I stood up and sat next to him, putting one hand on his shoulder and saying: "Cry? You alright?" He didn't answer but I saw that he was crying. I pulled him into a tight hug and whispered: "It's okay Cry. You're save now. You don't have to be scared anymore. I'm here and I'm going to protect you." He was soaked in sweat and tears but I really didn't care. After a few minutes he began to relax and than hugged me back. He gripped on my back really tight and then he managed: "S-Sorry." "Don't worry about it Cry. You did nothing.", I said to calm him down.
He sobbed a while until he loosened his grip on my back and cleared his throat. He wanted to end the hug but I didn't want to end it so I hold onto him.
After a few minutes we ended our tight hug and looked at each other. "What are you thinking?" he asked. "Uh... You still are wearing that mask. But why? Do you wear it even when you're sleeping?" He laughed and said: "Normally I don't but since you are here." "But I want to see what you're hiding behind that damn thing", I murmured to myself and giggled a little.
"What time is it?" he asked. I wanted to take my phone out of my pocket but then I realized I wasn't wearing any pants. I blushed and tried to hide my thin boxers with a pillow. When Cry saw what I was doing he burst out in laughter and said: "I-It's o-okay P-P-Pewds." That only make me blush even more but now I laughed too. When we were finished, I asked Cry: "Uhm... what do you think? Should we get some more sleep? I mean do you..." He stopped me and said: "Sure. As long as you're around." then he grinned cheeky at me. I had to laugh but I nodded.
We went up to his room and he slid under his blanket. I smiled and said: "You think you can sleep when I'm sleeping next door?" He didn't say a thing but when I was about to turn he grabbed my arm and said: "Please don't go." I turned around to face him and nodded. He shuffled to the other side so I could get under the covers too. I put my arms around him and he whispered: "T-Thank you."
He was fast asleep in no time. But I couldn't sleep. I still thought about what happened. 'Does he always have nightmares or was it just tonight? It didn't look like a one-time happening. A friend of Cry told me that Cry didn't have a good childhood but he didn't know exactly what happened either. I think Cry keeps that to himself but I have to find out. I can't watch my friend having nightmares every night.'
But I was pulled out of my thoughts when Cry snuggled up to me and I felt his hot body pressing against mine. 'Even though I was lying in bed with my best friend and not with a girl like I normally do I didn't feel uncomfortable. Actually it felt good somehow like it was meant for us to lie here together.' Wait... What did I just thought? I shook my head to get away of that thought but I couldn't. I soon drifted off into sleep as well.

Cry/Ryan's POV

When I woke up I was surprised. I didn't have had another nightmare that night. I thought about the last time I slept the whole night through. It probably was... at least a year or something like that since I slept a whole night through. I was really happy and well-rested but I couldn't believe it.
But then I noticed that someone was wrapping his arms around me and holding me tight. Who the fuck... oh right it was Felix. I totally forgot that. I quickly checked if my mask was were I left it yesterday. Yeah my mask was still at its place. But than I noticed that Felix and I were spooning and apparently I was the little spoon. But I didn't care I mean yeah he's taller than me so... I really didn't have a problem with that.
When I was about to close my eyes again and let the sleep take over me again, it hit me. I was lying in bed with my best friend. We were spooning and I liked it! I'm not gay. No way I never was attracted to men. But I couldn't deny that I liked... no loved lying here in Felix' arms and just relaxing. What the fuck happened? I didn't get it.
Then I heard Pewds murmuring something and since I didn't want to wake him up, so I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment.
But than I realized another thing. It... was poking me. I didn't open my eyes to see if it was actually... well, but I had a huge grin on my face and giggled to myself about it. Then, because of that god damn giggle, Felix woke up. He said something I couldn't really understand, tightened his hug around me, kissed me on the cheek and then sat up and walked to the bathroom.
I couldn't believe what just happened. I softly touched the place on my cheek where Pewdie's lips just kissed it. I thought: 'Maybe he still thinks he's with Marzia and didn't realize it was me.' I was lying on my back now starring at the ceiling and thinking about the night and the kiss.
Felix came back into the room. He hadn't taken a shower or something, he just was as confused as me. He started to point with one index finger at me and the other one at himself and changed the directions of them between us. As he said: "Uhm... I-I don't know what to say... just... sorry... maybe." He sounded like he was questioning his own sentence but then he just went out off the room and took a shower.
So here's the second chapter :D

This one got some awkward and some sweet moments... so it's getting interesting :3

I changed the warning cause I think well because of 3 words there's a warning?! Da Fuq? xD

I hope you enjoyed the story so far!

You also can read the story here: [link]

And if you don't know Pewdiepie and Cryaotic, check out their YT channels:
Pewdie: [link]
Cry: [link]

previous chapter: [link] / next chapter: [link]
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